Saturday, May 27, 2006


Two of our favourite companies finally got together this week to produce a new way to run with your iPod Nano. Unfortunately we at 707 don't run unless being chased so are unlikely to be throwing down the 29 bucks anytime soon.

Basically you put an pebble-sized sensor in certain pairs of Nike shoes and attach a wireless adaptor to your Nano then go for a run. As you can see in the image, it then displays all kinds of related info on the iPod's screen (and via voice feedback), which will later be synced with your computer and a special Nike website. This means that you can later track details of all your runs and see various details broken down in graph form.

Almost cool enough to tempt us to start jogging. Sure, right.

the Nike + iPod package for 29 bucks

what you see on your iPod


Two wheeled scooters? Ha. And again, HA! We'll be laughing at all you philistines still driving such antiquated means of transport as we speed by on our three-wheelers. You're probably still listening to 8-track cassettes and watching Betamax tapes.

PIAGGIO, the company that makes Vespas, has just shown it's new 'MP3' three-wheeler for the first time. Allegedly due to the extra levels of grip it not only can be leant over to crazy angles, but can also brake far faster than a normal scooter. The other bonus for the malcoordinated is no balance is required when stopping at red lights.

Power for the MP3 is provided by either a 125cc or 250cc four-stroke, liquid-cooled engine. 125 sounds a little underpowered but the 250 definitely looks entertaining...

iPOD DJ 2.

For all you wannabe DJ's who are too weak to carry around a bag of vinyl, NUMARK finally releases an iPod mixer with pitch control. Not only that, but it now can even take and mix (or even scratch) two tracks with the need for only one iPod or USB hard drive. Geek DJ's (ok, like us) now have no excuse for poor mixing of their Buggles and Kraftwerk mp3's. (price to be confirmed)


Please note that our staff refuse to sign autographs or answer questions about their famous relatives.

52% similarity to his favourite singer, Elton John

"It's like looking in a mirror" said Eddie. 55% similarity to Eddie Murphy.

Our resident Goodfella with 58% similarity to Joe Pesci.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Furilla is the first collectible from the mind of Tory Orzeck (designer of the classic Nike Footscape shoe) and the famed FUSE design house. Based around an extremely bendable Loc-tite skeleton, this one-eyed character is individually numbered, fiber-filled and machine washable. It's pose-ability has meant that it's become a popular subject for animators and various short films can be viewed at the FURILLA website.

Furilla arrives in unique vacuum-sealed ‘life support’ packaging, fluffing up when the seal is broken. Available in various limited edition colours exclusively from 707 (Sevenohseven) in Kemang. Price from 290,000.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


More posts? You want more posts!? What next? Our blood? Our first born child? A free T-shirt?

Ok, we're listening and as you all know 707 aims to please, so we're going to try to post more regularly (2-3 times a week). Keep checking back and count yourself lucky. You owe us one.

Also look out for upcoming news of our next 707 event to be held in July... with a new limited edition T-shirt to go with it. We'll post details here first.


New to 707 this week are accessories from TATTY DEVINE. Founders Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden started by selling their designs at London's trendy Portobello Market after graduating from Chelsea School of Fine Art. Their first shop followed soon afterwards in Brick Lane and since then things have rocketed with a devoted fan base for their quirky designs across Europe and Japan.

Earlier this year we visited them at their workshop in East London and were very impressed by how all the pieces are individually hand-made using wood, acrylic, mirrors and more. 707 is very happy to be bringing TATTY DEVINE to Indonesia for the first time. In addition to their own two shops in London, and 707, their cult pieces are carried in COLETTE, BEAMS, BROWNS FOCUS, UNITED ARROWS and many other leading fashion boutiques worldwide.

Please note that to ensure 'exclusivity' for our clients, we are bringing in very limited quantities of each design - only one of each for the first shipment!


We've been having tons o' fun with website My Heritage this week. Although still in Beta they're letting people check out their 'cutting edge' face recognition software and the results are pretty entertaining.

Basically you upload a photo of any individual, then their software scans the face discerning certain strong features and comparing the results to its database of over 3000 famous people. It then gives you a list (with photos) of the top five that the photo you gave most resembles, along with percentages showing how close the resemblance is.

Overall some recognisable similarity is pretty much always present, although sometimes the choices are pretty unexpected... In the future they're going to use this software to scan all photos posted to the site, recognising who knows who by which photos they're in. Big brother is watching you.

Obviously we have to subject the site to a 707 test, so we'll be uploading shots of 707 crew and friends and posting the results... The first few are below... Don't laugh, you could be next.

74% similarity to Dynasty star Joan Collins

AND 60% similarity to Harry Potter's buddy Rupert Grint?

57% similarity to Australian PM John Howard

72% similarity to film legend Orson Welles



Round 1 of our delivery challenge pits the clown prince of fast food, Ronald McDonald, against the military man of meals, Colonel Sanders. Both delivery services were called at the same time and the stopwatch was started as soon as the phones were hung up. For you serious delivery race fans, the weather outside was 35 degrees and sunny with low traffic. Both delivery services would be marked out of ten based on speed, accuracy and general knowledge.

Amazingly, only seven minutes and 12 seconds later, like a bolt of lightning, the first to arrive was...

KFC! However, further inspection by our crew discovered an incorrect Twister order which would hurt their score. All food was still hot. The delivery guy was then given 10 seconds to answer the easy question; 'Who founded KFC', and gave the correct answer of 'Colonel Sanders' within the time allowed. Considering that KFC delivery is free, this was a decent performance. (KFC delivery Kemang tel.: 0217182745)

McDonalds rushed in after 14 minutes and 22 seconds, still fast, but not fast enough. All delivery items were correct and still hot, but the fries were pretty soggy. The question posed was; 'What is the name of the McDonalds clown', and answered correctly ('Ronald') within the 10 seconds. Also a decent performance but hurt by the fact that McDonalds charges 6000 rupiah for delivery. (McDonalds delivery tel.: 14045)

After much discussion amongst the judges, the winner of this bout is...

KFC with a knockout 8/10, and McD not far behind with 7/10. Next round is Izzi Pizza vs. Pizza Hut.

obviously very happy with his win, we're sure his family will be celebrating tonight!
(bonus fact: his celebrity twin with 60% similarity is... Wesley Snipes)

a happy loser, promised to try harder next time and keep training.
(bonus fact: his celebrity twin with 60% similarity is... Mary J. Blige)

Thursday, May 18, 2006


This week Apple finally released the long-awaited (by us at least, every one in 707 uses a Mac) Intel-based version of the iBook. Of course for design-junkies like us the big news isn't that the new Macbook can now run Windows, or that it now has a built-in iSight video camera, or that it has a new 13 inch widescreen... The big news is that...

... it's now available in Black.

A quick warning, the black version costs 150 bucks more than a similar spec white one and if you're looking to play games you're miles better off with the Macbook Pro's graphic card, the Macbook's is pretty weak.

We'll finish this post with a couple of shots of the stunning new 24-hour Apple store in NYC. From street level it just looks like an empty glass cube...

not officially open until Friday... but here's a cameraphone pic of the interior

from the preview press event


Sorry for the lack of posts recently due to the fantastic internet connections here in Jakarta. Things are finally back to normal and we'll have new posts going up in the next couple of days! Check back on the weekend.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


the future is the past and the past is the future

Look out for the first RAW! party happening this Friday. DJ's Dean (Dance and Soul), Glen & Ebby (MeltingPod) spinning deep grooves, fresh hip-hop, broken beats, funk, jazz, brazilian, classic soul and anything else that grabs their fancy... Nice to see a return to basics, with no gimmicks, no tricks and a revert to a smaller more intimate luxe venue. This will be the first in a monthly series. Definitely recommended! Look out for the 707 crew and feel free to buy us a drink. Or two.

@Cinnabar from 9pm on May 5th. Jl. Imam Bonjol 76-78, Jakarta 10310. +62 21 3903615.