Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Forget about the typical "it" bags. Hyde SK is the brand for those who are really in-the-know and appreciate handmade craftmanship and rarity (including Kate, Lindsay and Kirsten...).

Each and every piece is slightly different from the next, which gives each its own unique character so it feels like it's especially made for you... And of course everyone loves feeling special (yeah, even us).

For this season the bags are all made in Sacha's signature unusual shapes (the largest is shaped like a pumpkin), with multiple pieces and colours of soft leather, accented solid nuggets of real silver and carved wood. Incidentally we also have in stock some of her very cool shoe covers... You gotta see them.

If you only buy a bag once a year, this is the one to save up for... Or if you never buy bags at all, just come to our store to experience the beauty :)

HYDE SK's autumn range is in 707 NOW. Even though prices go as high as 9.000.000 rupiah, she's gaining a cult following in Indo so it's expected to sell quite quickly... ALSO, for the first three people to buy any Hyde SK bag, we'll be GIVING AWAY one of her special limited edition collaboration bags or wallets with Stussy (unavailable in Southeast Asia)!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Our favourite entrant at the Super Groom 2007 competition in Vegas last week. We're convinced it would make the best guard dog ever - would love to see the reaction of a burglar breaking into a house to find this thing running at them across the lawn. Normal guard dogs are scary enough, but one with a protective shell and mad ninja skills? Daaamn.

Another popular entrant was this hot bitch below... The dog is the one in front.

But when the dust and clipped hair settled, the trophy ended up with this dog/horse hybrid. The poodle also did pretty well, ha, ha.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Silverchair's latest music video

Good to see more and more people getting into Elke Kramer's jewelery... First NYLON mag picked up on it, then M.I.A. was seen wearing it around... (we still have some pieces from the summer collection M.I.A. is wearing - now discounted, ask if you're interested).

we love M.I.A.

Now Daniel Johns of Silverchair is wearing Elke's black fan-fare necklace on the band's recent music video "If You Keep Losing Sleep". (Limited stock left in store...)

Go to You Tube to get a better look of the necklace, but those with slow internet bandwidth are always welcome to visit our store. Trust us, some things look better in real life.

Elke Kramer Jewelery is available exclusively at 707 Kemang. Ah, life on the edge feels good.


Designers Ray and Charles Eames (responsible for some of the most iconic designs of the 20th century) originally created this plywood elephant for children but never had it manufactured. Although two prototypes were produced and shown at the New York Museum of Modern Art, only one known prototype exists, remaining in the possession of the Eames family...

To commemorate Charles' 100th birthday VITRA is doing a limited run of 1000 in each colour for about US$2000 bucks a piece. Nice idea, using an animal known for it's memory...

Otherwise for paupers like us, there's the alternate option of ordering the reprint of CASA BRUTUS no.18, which comes with a cardboard version that you can punch out and assemble...

Monday, October 08, 2007


You know how you lie awake sometimes wondering what it would be like to skate a bowl full of party balloons? Of course you do, doesn't everybody? Well this guy did something about it... now we can sleep soundly.

Perfect for anyone who's scared of getting hurt falling off their deck... Not us of course. We're the kind of people who'd fill the bowl full of razor blades, rusty nails and dead porcupines. We're THAT tough.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Magazine Ad (Warning: Fragrance is not suitable for human consumption)

Web Ad (Warning: Fragrance may cause rashes in sensitive areas)

Sex sells. Or maybe not.

We've never really liked TOM FORD, considering him more of a trashy showman than a talented designer, but are pretty amused by his desperate attempts to shock with his latest ad campaign.

Having already done the Gucci shaved 'G' and M7 full frontal male, he probably figured trying to outrage the general public again would be good for a few bucks...

Not sure how sales are doing but these days it all looks a bit contrived, shallow, dated and, well, boring. Still, at least it made us laugh.

We're guessing her name is Geraldine.

Friday, October 05, 2007


Tonight at AKSARA Kemang, starts at 7pm.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


We're all big APPLE fans here at 707, but even we admire the stand NOKIA is taking with their latest street ads making fun of the iPhone's network and software locked status.

We've been using an unlocked iPhone for a month, and although it's an amazing piece of technology with an incredibly intuitive user interface, it's a crap phone* and its potential is wasted by limited installed software, and the inability to install software from third parties (without hacking it first). We're not the only ones we know who've reverted back to using our trusty Nokia E61i's and N95's for regular phone use. Still, we have to concede that it's impressive for a first-gen product - can't wait to see what they add with firmware updates or to future versions, and at the very least it should get the original mobile makers to up their game...

*can't forward SMS's, or SMS more than one person at a time, or search contacts, or copy and paste, or... the list goes on. and on.

In semi-related news, for anyone afraid of iPod or iPhone theft you might want to invest in the HIDE-A-POD... Hide your iPod inside a Zune and wander the streets without fear!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Hey ho clownies! We're sure there are many budding clowns out there in web-land reading this blog and desperate to find their clown stage name? We thought maybe this Amazing Clown Name Generator could help..

Sherlock Holmes' clown name

Mine is "Nurse Evarado Z. Funny Eyes" the clown! {Editor's note: Not convinced that one's gonna take you far in the clown biz...}

What's yours?

Monday, October 01, 2007


darth kaws

I know, I know, we've mentioned Darth Vader and his Star Wars friends millions of times.. Kaws too.. but we just had to post this amazing Original Fake piece! The Lord of the Dark indeed. Just to remind you, here's his profile :

Species : Human
Gender : Male
Height : 2.02 meters (in armor)
Weapon : Lightsaber
Vehicle : TIE Advanced x1, Executor
Affiliation : Empire, Sith
Favourite Colour : Pale pink. (ok, we made that one up)


RADIOHEAD's just announced their new album and it's FREE! Ok, not exactly free, especially not if you have any morals at all...

They're releasing their new album 'In Rainbows' on October 10th, selling it via download from their website for the incredible price of... whatever you feel like paying! The payment page has a blank space for the price which you then fill in with whatever you feel comfortable spending...

We're not convinced that this is the future of music purchasing (although it can work in limited form for donation-ware software downloads), but good to see a major band making a stand against the closed-minded, overpriced and paranoid digital strategies of the major labels and even stores like iTunes.

We'll definitely be buying a copy. Or getting one for free, ka-ching! We're kidding - you think we're just a bunch of immoral cheapskates over here? No replies please.