Monday, October 30, 2006


After our previous POST showcasing what we thought was the world's ugliest BUGATTI, we now stand corrected. Not sure if Nigo (head honcho of A Bathing Ape) read our blog, but it seems he decided to take up the challenge to make one even uglier and easily succeeded. You know 707 normally loves pink but this is sort of how I'd imagine a car would look if Hello Kitty threw up over it.

Nigo already did something similar to his Rolls Royce Phantom.


Sunday, October 29, 2006


I guess technology affects everything. Even balls. After 35 years of using traditional leather basketballs, the NBA has now changed to using a brand new microfiber ball by SPALDING which is already producing some serious backlash from the players.

One of the traits of the 'old' leather balls was the slight variations between one another. The new balls are allegedly all identical. They only look slightly different, a brighter orange and only two interlocking panels, but it's the 'velvet' texture that is producing controversy. Supposedly it's slicker when wet, harder to handle and gives a slightly different bounce.

We haven't handled one yet, but Stephen Marbury of the Knicks already griped that "the new balls all feel the same - they all feel bad", and Shaq has grumbled; "it feels like one of those cheap balls you buy at a toy store".

Our take? Sad to see the traditional ball go, but good players will still be good, bad players will still be bad. You don't see street ballers bitching about the ball - give them a big rock painted orange and the good ones will still dunk your ass.

Friday, October 27, 2006


SBTG x 707 "Juvenile Delinquent" Dunk with custom box.

People keep asking whether we have any more of the SBTG Custom "Juvenile Delinquent" Dunks (or the 'package') that were made for our 707ANNEX event...

C'mon, everyone knows we sold out... or did we?...

Ok, we admit it. We did keep one package for ourselves in our secret underground vault;

1 SBTG x 707 Custom Dunk (sz 9)
1 Nike SBTG Dunk SB (sz 9)
1 Nike SBTG special edition reversible Tee (L)

We kept this to be used for display in the store, but will put it on sale later in November! For info on where and how, keep checking this site and your inside info emails.

All other pairs sold out immediately, BUT, one size 10.5 has been held but not paid for - if you're interested, email us! (This is not a package, only the SBTG Custom.)

Thursday, October 26, 2006


mmmm... seriously - what the hell is this?

SBTG's got guts. probably literally, in the cup.

Not quite sure what the fuss is all about, but seems like Wendy's chili has a lot of fans. Mark (SBTG) was craving it since the minute he landed (no Wendy's in Singapore), and it was the only place he wanted go for brunch the day after the Dunk launch...

No one else at the table would take him up on his attempts to make us try some (we're smart enough to be wary of anything made of random, unrecognizable substances in Jakarta), but 707 crew have been telling me since that it's got a loyal local following...


ovelia (707) one ups the souls with an extra finger.

On Monday 23rd October 2006 (happy b'day Kezia!!!!) a real Hip Hop hurricane was brewing in cold and rainy Camden town. Live straight from Oakland, CA was the infinite SOULS OF MISCHIEF with DJ FLUX on the 1 and 2. Right from the get-go the beats were making the crowd, predominantly white - we thought we're in a Kenny Rogers' jam or something - bounce and roll up and down and even sideways.

Opio, Tajai and A-plus were kickin' it old school with their cool and lyrical rhymes Oakland style. The main shit was when the classic 93 till' infinity was blasting, and everyone just went nuts. Check them up on their own label website They have been doing it independently for 10 years now - so independendent that after the show, Tajai (one of the MC's) was in their concession stand selling T shirts and cd's. Now that's some ill independent!


A few shots of the dynamic duo when they were in London, taken by our intrepid undercover reporter, Bergas. Unfortunately no signing session - even name-dropping 707 somehow didn't work... Funny how it never seems to help...

For more shots, check FOOTURAMA.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


One of England's greatest designers, PAUL SMITH, has teamed up with KIDROBOT to produce these limited edition 3" and 8" 'Dandy' Dunnys. Completely different in style from any other Dunny we've seen including the pinstripe box, this almost looks like a custom. The 8" is US$85 (limited to 1000) and the 3" comes 'free' with the purchase of a US$130 Paul Smith Tee. The Tees are available in an incredible (or ridiculously excessive) 45 different colour combos!

General opinion on this one is pretty split regarding the design, and although we're huge Paul Smith fans the price is definitely steep for an edition as large as 1000 pieces. Good to see Kidrobot still getting nothing but the best collaborators though...


Minal aidin Wal faidzin!

A lot of our foreign readers may not realize this but today is Eid al-Fitr (spelling varies) the biggest holiday of the year for most Indonesians. It marks the end of a month of daytime fasting, and today's the day when people go pay their respects to relatives, friends and colleagues, which tends to involve a lot of car-time, driving from one house to another, politely grabbing a bite of the food on offer before rushing to the next venue...

This can be a pretty surreal experience, for me beginning early in the morning with a long drive to my grandfather-in-law's house in a small village outside Jakarta, and ending up many hours (and stops) later, giving best wishes to the President at the palace...


In addition to the revamping of the stores in NYC and LA that they've been working on, KIDROBOT has just unveiled their brand new website...

Now considering that we keep promising to do some revamping of our own, you would think that seeing others doing it would spur us into action. Ha. We've got more important things like chillin', eating Pringles and watching pirate DVD's to do. So don't hold your breath, the "Temp blog site" has still got some life left in it yet.

Monday, October 23, 2006

707ANNEX ?!?

a few delivery delays

Yeah, yeah, the full opening has been a bit delayed... Coming soon though - just taking longer than expected for our stocks to get here from Nike and Puma.

We may open anyway with very limited styles (mostly Adidas), but it's still undecided... Keep your eyes on the blog...

What's coming? Well, since it's taking so long we'll send a few hints to those on our Inside Info list shortly (sign up on the right) , before posting on the blog a bit later.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


707 crew, London chapter.

Currently at the MHI (Maharishi) Soho Store in London;
An exhibition by skate legend and graphic artist Mark Gonzalez.

The opening event was on Friday Oct 20th 2K6.

The MHI store (Carnaby) and the street were jammed, packed with peepz from around 8 pm. Other than Gonz art do, people could also check out works by Neckface, Futura as well as MHI's crazy collection of everything collectible.
Especially for the event there were 1000 mini priest statues (it can blow bubbles!!!), individually hand designed and signed by Mark Gonzales. These are up for sale while supplies last... Won't last long.
For more info on the Gonz, cek diz: WIKIPEDIA/GONZALEZ

The MHI x Gonz t shirt and skate decks will be available in Jakarta along with other MHI "soon to be collectible" items.

You know the drill, 707 will be the only one who'll house it!

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Our friends at BKRW (Black Rainbow Extraordinaire Mag) have just posted coverage of MJ and Tinker Hatfield's current Paris visit for the start of the Jordan Europe Tour 2006. TH is Nike's Vice President of Innovation, the designer of every Air Jordan from III to XV, and the guy who oversees ALL the special design projects...

Anyone into sneakers or design should check out the TH breakfast interview session. This was MC'd by Thibault de Longeville (director of Just for Kicks) and has some great insights into how TH is inspired, and the design of future and past products. A glimpse into the mind of an icon of sneaker culture. (Also check his kicks...)

Friday, October 20, 2006


WARNING. This is addictive. LINE RIDER is a simple flash game/toy that revolves around drawing lines for a stick man to sled down... Sound basic? It is. And it'll still be basic two hours later when you're still drawing little slopes and ramps and spikes for him to jump over (and getting none of your work done).

The game has already built up a cult following, and if you think YOU'RE a geek for playing? Then check this video on YOUTUBE.


ANYTHING is releasing a couple of designs from its fall collection early on its website. The first is a revision of the logo T, and the second features roaches streaming out of a pocket.

We ordered both. Coming to 707 soon if customs doesn't steal 'em or hold them for weeks. Just kidding! We love the guys at customs, and are sure they look great in our SBTG size 11 Dunks...

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Known about this for a while, but as the only official KIDROBOT retailer in Indonesia, we can't say anything until we're given the all-clear. (Also wish we could tell you some of the stuff we've seen at Nike and Adidas HQ's, but they've got spies everywhere and it's no fun being beaten to death with an Airmax.)

The new edition of Gorillaz figures will be release toward the end of October. Slightly smaller and cheaper than the original Black and Red editions, but with same level of famous Kidrobot detail. Arriving in 707 soon... Quantities very limited as always.


Seats. Smart thinking.

240 million people.
14,000 islands.
580 dialects.
And a capital city larger than NYC, London or Tokyo... It's about time Indonesia had its own Nike Special Edition sneaker launch...

SBTG x 707 "Juvenile Delinquent" with custom box.

For many sneaker heads, this was their chance to be a part of local sneaker history. For those abroad who experience special releases regularly it's probably hard to understand how elated many local collectors were to finally be getting recognition after reading about these events elsewhere for so long...

First through the door

By the time the doors were opened at 7.07 PM there was a line of almost 200 people outside, with those at the front having slept overnight. In addition to the Nike SBTG Dunk SB, we had 5 pairs of hand-painted customs made by SBTG especially for 707ANNEX incorporating our house colours of black and pink (and military stripes altered to look like a '707'), and limited edition T's by 707 with Indonesian graf artist Darbotz. We also gave out free prizes of Nike x SBTG reversible signed T's and SBTG lace locks.

707ANNEX crew with SBTG and Darbotz

Buyers were let in 5 at a time, and all were given time to chat with Mark (SBTG) and get whatever they wanted signed. Darbotz was also on hand to add his signature to the T's he designed.

Having never encountered the concept of people lining for sneakers, there was crazy media coverage, including various radio stations, major newspapers and TV, with SBTG getting interviewed by everyone from streetstyle mag 'JUICE' through to 'Harper's Bazaar' (!).

Thanks to all who helped us at 707ANNEX put this event together and promote it, and especially thanks to all those who supported it by joining the line and showing that sneaker madness and urban culture are alive and kicking in the world's fourth largest country!!

Thanks to Adi for displaying his SBTG collection!


A couple of shots of the 707 x Darbotz T that we produced for the SBTG event. The T has a Darbotz graphic on the front printed in a dirty white with different types of inks used for different parts. When you wash the shirt, the grey 'splatters' will fade faster than the rest. Interior has a 'black on black' print with a Tribe Called Quest quote, and all internal stitching is in 707 pink. In addition the date of the event is embroidered in black thread on the back lower corner of the T...

Even the cut of the shirt is custom to a pattern from 707 designers - nothing but the best, nulli secundum baby... Glad to see that people appreciated the cost and effort of producing this T, they sold like hotcakes on the day (although the fact that every buyer is automatically entered into a draw for a free pair of SBTG Dunks might've helped).


Indo band APE ON THE ROOF dropped by 707 this morning to do some impromptu music video filming for their single 'Everyone wants to be a DJ'. Not quite sure what David the director was trying to do, but anything involving a guy in an ape costume is always a recipe for success in our book. Look out for the new video on MTV from next month with a couple of 707 special appearances...

Ape on the Roof's new album APE-OLUTION is out now on AKSARA RECORDS.


The latest Sharp SH903 phone in Japan not only has facial recognition (so only the owner can open private files) and a 3-megapixel camera, it's also capable of emitting a constant ultrasonic sound to repel mosquitos. Sounds perfect for mosquito-ridden Jakarta. Unless the sound is simultaneously attractive to the cat-sized rats that are also pretty common here...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


5 people in. 5 people out. photogs everywhere.

SBTG and Darbotz.

Seems like the 707ANNEX launch has stirred up some friction in our comments section. Good to see that opinions are alive and well - this ain't North Korea, we're always interested in what you have to say, good or bad (can comment in English or Indonesian). May have to set up a 707 Ultimate Fighting Ring next...

Anyway, here are a few photos. Unfortunately, in a rush so more photos and some text later.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Lattice Lacing. Sort of like getting your hair braided -
the efforts not worth the result.

Allegedly there are over 2 trillion different ways to lace a pair of 6 hole sneakers (according to Ian's Shoelace site), and on his site he gives you a grand total of 31 of these... That leaves more than 1 trillion, 999 billion, 999 million, 999 thousand, 9 hundred and 69 to go. Should keep him busy for at least a couple of days.


Not sure if these sushi pillows are available in a wide selection of 'rolls', but a nice piece of design. Somehow don't think there would be great demand for an Uni or Spider Crab version...

Perfect cue for the old joke about the guy who dreamt he was eating a giant marshmallow, then woke up and his pillow was gone...



For more info on Sneaker Pimps NYC check photos from Max at FOOTURAMA, or by the guys at FRESHNESS. Looks cool, with some amazing guests, but still think the Jakarta one looks better...


Best news story I've seen in a while... According to Associated Press, a US military pilot just got sentenced to 17 years in jail for using a US Air Force jet to smuggle ecstacy pills in from Germany. Guess flying a jet doesn't take as much intellect as I thought... Would have been an even better story if he'd been smuggling speed.

{via MSNBC}

Monday, October 16, 2006


Thanks to all who turned up to the 707ANNEX special event yesterday, previewing our new store and launching the Nike SBTG Dunk SB. Congrats to all those who got the shoes, limited edition Darbotz T, or won limited edition Nike x SBTG T, or SBTG lacelocks. Sorry to those who didn't.

Special thanks to our friends; SBTG, Darbotz, JUICE, HIGH SNOBIETY, STREETHING, SLAM x HYPE, FOOTURAMA, DIMEGOODS, and to J.Co for helping us feed a hungry crowd!

Photos of the event and more info coming soon...

Finally we can get some time to report on other things on our bloody blog.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Yes. Another SBTG Dunk post...

Firstly, some inside info. We don't have size 11. If you see a few customs agents with big feet wearing SBTG Dunks then you'll know why. We have sizes 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5 and 12.

People seem confused about the queueing. Read. The. Older. Post.

It's not rocket science. Everyone in line gets a ticket. Some of these tickets will let you buy the SBTG Dunk, some won't. The further back in the line you are, the less likely you are to be able to buy. You will only get the ticket if you're in line, and they will only be passed out shortly before we open at 7.07pm. You have to choose the size you want before you come in the store, you cannot try it on, and if we don't have your size, you're out of luck. Even if you don't get to buy the SBTG Dunk you may win a free T-shirt. Okay, it's not THAT simple.

Some people WILL be disappointed. We can't keep everyone happy. Life sucks.


2AM. CiToS. These guys are definitely getting SBTG Dunks... if they don't get chucked out by security.

Good to see sneaker fever is alive and kicking in Jakarta - and that there are people dedicated enough to sleep on tiles to get the kicks they crave! Now I'm curious to see how many are there when we turn up in the morning...

Friday, October 13, 2006


check the SBTG military icon changed to look like 707 on the heel...

ROYALEFAM + 707 Official Issue:
color: vacuum / lust / slasher

As we've been saying there's an exclusive set of handpainted custom SBTG Dunks going on sale from tomorrow. There are only 5 pairs in existence and they have been made especially for 707ANNEX, incorporating 707 black and pink, along with SBTG lacelocks and a custom box. (sizes 9, 9.5, 10, 10,5, 11.)

We have been trying to think of the best way to make the price of these as reasonable as possible and have decided to sell them in a 'package' deal. To commemorate the final release of the Nike SBTG Dunk SB, each pair of custom SBTG Dunks will come with the same size pair of Nike SBTG Dunk SB's (!) and the limited-edition Nike x SBTG reversible T. This package of 2 pairs plus T will cost US$707.

Considering that SBTG customs normally go for between US$550 and US$850 (if you can get hold of them!), and Nike SBTG Dunk SB's go for around US$300 on ebay, we think we're being pretty fair... The custom boxes will of course be signed by SBTG.