Tuesday, February 27, 2007


While most eyes are set on spring fashion week trying to get the latest info on the next "IT" bag, the people behind Slow and Steady Wins The Race have already taken it a step further with the "Ultimate" bag. This bag has it all. Literally. ALL the infamous IT bags combined to hang off one shoulder. hmmm...

Balenciaga, Hermes, Gucci, Chanel, you name it, it's all there looking like a Mangga Dua remix. Too magical or too much to handle? You decide. It's sold at Ooga Booga online store for a mere $300. As for us, we'll stick with the classics.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007


Gif animation is where it's at... hilarious. To view from the start either reload the page, or wait for it to loop around.

To see the sequel check MILKFAT.COM

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Many, many thanks to D. at Nike Singapore and the elegant Ms. P in Indo for these latest gifts... Both are premium models specially released for the AF1 25th anniversary. The mid-grey ones are super-clean and one of the best AF1 colourways we've ever seen. The dark grey and red are the 'Moses Malone' version taken from the 'Original Six' series. This series is in honour of the six players in the dream team that Nike put together to promote the Air Force 1 when originally released.

The 'Original Six' are now available at the Nike Members Only store and soon at 707ANNEX.

above image from FRESHNESS

The Original Six


The latest Lexus SUV spotted doing secret hot weather testing in South Jakarta. Not sure when the official release date for this vehicle is...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Kaws' Dissected Companion (original colourway) with rare Kozik Monger

Thanks to Alvin at Ambush/Surrender for hooking me up with this... Currently on display in our Kemang store. Not so many thanks for the crazy hangover after an unsavoury bar-crawl with him, Mark Eley (Eley Kishimoto) and Colin (graphic designer, graf artist).

Mark, Alvin and Colin. They are as dodgy as they look.


More proof that there's too much cash in the hands of the wrong people... Some recent photos of the private jets of the Sultan of Brunei (first 3 photos) and Russian President Putin, and . Not only do these planes take you across oceans, they also apparently take you back in time to the early eighties...

Monday, February 19, 2007


Bergas apparently sold his soul (didn't know he had one) for entry to the recent London gig by retro-rockers WOLFMOTHER... These guys may have come a long way since being called one of Rolling Stone's 'top 10 bands to watch in 2006', and recently winning the 2007 Grammy for best Hard Rock performance but it seems they still know how to rock a crowd...

The first time Sydney’s WOLFMOTHER came to London we missed it. So when they came in February for the second time, we couldn't pass... Tickets sold out in 3 minutes!

The wait was worth it. Energy and melody, pure, raw, heavy Zeppelin metal as Wolfmother was unleashed from it's cage! Andrew Stockdale (vocals/guitar), Chris Ross (bass/keyboards) and Myles Heskett (drums) were completely in tune with the crowd and delivered a mad headbangers-ball performance.

Hard hitters included Woman, Apple tree, Dimension, Colossal and our favorite Joker 'n' Thief which properly destroyed London's Hammersmith Apollo. They also covered Led Zeppelin’s Communication Breakdown like a true prodigy. Just like living high school all over again! The crowd was pumped, with a wild mosh pit and beer-in-the-air served all night.

Visit their label site MODULAR PEOPLE for more interesting new music from Avalanche, Cut Copy, The Presets and more.


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whoever drew the poster has obviously never been to Singapore

Australia's GOOD VIBRATIONS festival is hitting Singapore today for the first time since its inception in 2004. With two stages and a line-up headlined by the Beastie Boys (with mixmaster Mike AND Money Mark!!), Jurassic 5, Cut Copy, DJ Dan and Indonesia's very own Agrikulture, this promises to make Singapore history. Photos of the event to follow... Big thanks to Chris and the Kinemat crew for the VIP pass.


Belated Happy Birthday to Winfred and Hanin at AKSARA records... Atrocious pun in title attributed to Dinda, we take no responsibility for this humour failure.


Not sure how much media attention this has been getting abroad, but there's been a little bit of rain in Jakarta recently... These photos are of our street after the first deluge. Using typical Indonesian initiative, the guy with the cart was ferrying people across for about a buck a piece. Capitalism is alive and well in Indonesia. Now if only we could get our office internet and electricity running properly again we'd be happy.


Had an interesting Sunday checking two completely different sides of the Jakarta art scene... Started at an auction of contemporary Indonesian art at the Hyatt. Although mostly still too traditional for our tastes, there were still a lot of strong and original pieces, and the auction room was busy with buyers picking up around ninety percent of the lots. Although paintings could be bought for as little as US$400, prices for some lots went pretty high - the friend we went with's most expensive spend? A cool US$55,000.

The flip side was the evening exhibition event held on the roof of our building by our friends at NOTORIOUS. Lots of works on display by the cream of Jakarta's young designers and artists, including a number by 707 crew members... The venue was packed, with crowds hanging out to watch Darbotz and Kims do live installations while Mayo hit the decks. Many congrats to the boys on a great first event, we're honoured to have been involved. Looking forward to the next one...

A few of the art pieces (with their creators);

The crowd;

for more photos check FOOTURAMA.


To celebrate the AF1 25th anniversary, Nike recently set up a special temporary exhibition space at Clarke Quay in Singapore.

check the AF1 wallpaper

In addition to a large selection of classic special editions, they had pairs of the 'handmade in Italy' Masterpieces on show. Quality of these is incredible, blowing away anything the Adidas 35th anniversary's and anything made by Nike previously. Amazing attention to detail... until you check the packaging. US$2000 shoes, $2 box. (By the way, if you've got cash burning a hole in your pocket and want a pair, give us a shout...)

Thanks to Dennis for the private tour. And the gift... Lots more photos of the Masterpieces and other kicks on display will be up at FOOTURAMA later.