Thursday, January 31, 2008


A couple of shots of the excellent mural done by Sanchia (from Slyndicates) and Mira, otherwise known as Murkin&Murkin on our nursery wall... A combination of paint and paper collage done over two days. The kid's gonna love it. Thank you.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


When he's not crimefighting, Batman loves to watch romantic musicals with his superhero friends.

Regular home theaters are sooo passe... Think you're cool cos you've got a 42 inch plasma? Ha! Movie-geeks laugh at your system behind your back (they're too scared to laugh to your face). The truly dedicated theme their home theaters based on their fave flicks, and don't think twice about spending up to a few mill (US$ not rupes people). Found this list of 10 of the 'best'...


NIKE's always been generous with gifts of rare or special kicks, but this one left me speechless. Many, many thanks to Wina and the crew for dropping off this incredible boxed set of the seven 'Be True' Dunks, and full marks to the guys in Manila for the great design work on the 'locker'... This special 'locker' packaging is South East Asia only, and there are only 6 in the world.

2008 is the 20th anniversary of the iconic Dunk, and the first special edition releases will be re-masters of the 7 colourways shown in the old 'Be True to Your School' poster, with each representing a different college.

This is the first time the Dunk has gotten the special Nike 'Vintage' treatment (initially done for a colab with Junya Watanabe/Comme de Garcons) to make them look aged - faded leathers, scuff marks, yellowing midsoles... Even the box has faded cardboard and is based on the original, complete with old-school Nike logos. Attention to detail is pretty amazing, and the softened leather fits like a favourite, broken-in shoe.

That's this week's footwear sorted.

The 'Be True' vintage Dunks will be released individually in very limited quantities in select stores (Tier 0 only?) worldwide... We keep hearing rumours that ONE store in Indonesia may even get some... Of course you're all smart enough not to listen to such idle gossip...


Great FLICKR group. People using LP sleeves (we'll explain what LP's are later kids) for photo optical illusions... If you're a midget, then use of CD covers as a substitute is accepted. If you have a freakishly small, rectangular head then we would recommend cassette tape inserts.


Love this sticker seen on car window last week in Jakarta. Would have made our day if the driver was also wearing SCHWIPE's classic "Islam is OK" tee...

For the record, Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim nation. Almost all (90%+) of the 230,000,000+ people are Muslim. Feel free to use this fact to amaze your friends and family with your wisdom.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Well, this is it.

This weekend 707 will be closing in Kemang, before re-opening in February at a new location. Sunday will be our last open day, finally closing at 9pm...

Got a lot of fond memories of the current location, and hope many of you do too, but it's time to change and progress (what's the deal with everyone doing black stores or using black chandeliers these days?!)...

So... this is your last chance to get a 707 fix for a few weeks, so we're releasing a few new arrivals just before we go!

- MHI / Maharishi (great war/peace prints)
- Denim Is Everything (as quirky, dark and humourous as always)
- Melissa shoes (cult rubber shoes now with glitter and flocking)

707 is the exclusive Indonesian partner for all these brands.

Also, for these last few days we'll be using and previewing our new fabric, environmentally friendly shopping bag, designed for us by our friends at Denim is Everything. "Re-use or D.I.E!"


Just announced by APPLE at Macworld. The Macbook Air. Looks like Steve Jobs is getting more of our savings and grandpa isn't getting that brain operation.

Or maybe not. Not convinced by the angled design - too much futurist, too little modernist? (Ah, life can be confusing as a pretentious design junkie.) Then there's the limited, slow hard drive, slow chip, lack of a DVD drive, lack of connection ports, lack of RAM slots, all for more bucks...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Not just sonic, La-sonic...(as they say in France).

Tired of the trend for increasingly smaller portable music players with improved ergonomics and aesthetic design? Yearn for the days of bulky boxes with clashing colours and awkwardly placed buttons? What's the solution? Only the best iPod dock/speakers EVER.

Just revealed at the CES show in Vegas from LASONIC. Allegedly released soon for the bargain price of US$170.


Yeah, yeah, we know we've been slacking when it comes to posting recently... A few health issues got in the way the past few weeks, but it's 2008 and we're back on track. Just about. A belated Happy Holidays, Happy New Year etc...

We'll now get back to our business of scouring the globe for sensational news to keep you entertained while you procrastinate by surfing the net at the underpaid, crummy job you "hate so much but can't bring yourself to leave even if it is a new year and killing your boss was one of your resolutions".

Thanks for waiting.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


A shade lamp by P.A.M. for the cult japanese label Undercover.