Tuesday, April 15, 2008


As worn by Kanye, and featured in recent issues of BAZAAR and GQ... NOOKA watches are coming soon to 707, including new gold and grey metal models...

We are the official and exclusive partner of Nooka for Indonesia. For distribution enquiries send us an email...


Doesn't exactly look like the busiest place to put a piece..

BANKSY's biggest work in London so far (as far as we know). Somehow he managed to erect three storey's of scaffolding in view of CCTV cameras, do his piece then scarper... Gotta admit though, we admire the logistics planning more than the work this time.


This is genius. Having said that, we're still amazed by anyone who can read without moving their lips.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


DJ Double-C

Grand Theft Auto IV is coming pretty soon from ROCKSTAR games (started by a couple of guys I knew at high school who are now way richer than I'll ever be - but the real question is... are they happy with all their cars, and houses, and gadgets, and model girlfriends, and... bastards, I keeeel you!).

Anyway, we're sure all you GTA players out there always thought the game was missing something fashion related in the DJ department. Rockstar of course is two steps ahead! Guest DJ for GTAIV? None other than Karl Lagerfeld... Not sure if he'll be throwing in some weight loss and fashion tips with his patter (oui, oui, toujours noir)...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


With all the buzz around Alan Moore's classic WATCHMEN finally being made into a movie (fingers crossed it doesn't suck, but not exactly optimistic after seeing 300), it's good to see interest in our fave graphic novel of all time coming back. Love this interpretation of the Peanuts gang in Watchmen mode...

{via EVAN'S blog}

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


707 is looking for a new Graphic Designer.
For more information and how to apply,
contact Febby at (021) 719 70 14

Or send your brief portfolio
(PDF/Flash file no bigger than 2MB/or a link to your website) to: OPS@SEVENOHSEVEN.COM

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Been trying to work out how to get hold of these Marc Jacobs designed, limited-edition Louis Vuitton bags specially made for Wes Anderson's movie 'The Darjeeling Limited'.

Supposedly the bags from the movie were auctioned off afterwards for charity. No idea of price, although it would seem a bit pointless bidding if your initials aren't J.L.W... Anyway, makes the recent LV designs look pretty unimaginative in comparison.

Hopefully some of our friends at Mangga Dua catch on and start churning out some fakes soon.


A collaboration/exhibition done by ROMANCE WAS BORN & Del Kathryn Barton in Kaliman Gallery, Paddington. The set was stunningly beautiful. It felt like you're in a paradise. Everything was so euphoric. The feeling that I was receiving from the whole show was that as if I was taken back into the Adam and Eve era. Salute to Luke Sales, Anna Plunkett, and Del Kathryn Barton!!!

ROMANCE WAS BORN is exclusively available in Indonesia at the paradise which is 707. Except that we're all sold out. Gotta be quick people.

{thanks to Diiiiiiinta for the coverage!}

Friday, March 14, 2008


New SPEED RACER trailer is out. And disappointing... Is it just us or does the latest flick from the Wachowski "Matrix Trilogy" Brothers (or possibly just the Wachowski's - rumours abound that Larry has had a sex change op) look like a sad mix of Tron, Nintendo's F-Zero, and a bad 80's Manchester rave party? Only apparent redeeming feature was Christina Ricci's legs, which was unfortunately countered by the John Goodman surprise appearance.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


The place to be this Saturday... After already throwing similar successful sneaker/DJ events in their native Holland, the crew from Addicts and Leyp have come halfway around the globe to do the same thing in JKT.

They've brought a ton of Dutch DJ's (DDJ's?) including Goodgrip, Mc Gee, Lady Bee, Fullscale and Melly Mel, Leyp will be doing live sneaker customization, and there will be graf artists also on hand doing their thing.

Anyway, check it out. Shouldn't be the same old same old.

707 is the only non-Adidas store in Indonesia carrying Adidas Originals and special editions...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Couple of illusions to brighten up your day and make your eyes widen with child-like wonder at how easy it is to fool your puny human brain.

First, come visit the "virtual barbershop" (gotta wear headphones for it to work). So real I came away with a couple of inches taken off my mullet.

Then win big bucks betting your friends that squares A and B are the same shade in the picture above. Check below or use the eyedropper in photoshop...

click this image for larger version, vertical bars show A and B are the same shade

Monday, February 25, 2008


"We are the world... we are the children..." (photo by Darbotz)

Quiet is the new loud. So... wanna party, but sensitive to the sleeping habits of your 80 year old neighbour? Yet again, 707 to the rescue... Think back to the movie Babel and the scene with the hot, deaf Japanese girl in the club, engulfed by silence as everyone dances to Earth Wind and Fire. That IS SILENT DISCO! Well, except that you'll be wearing wireless headphones. And probably aren't deaf. And probably aren't a hot Japanese girl (although if you are, it is very important that you email us your phone number and photo immediately for research purposes).

Anyway, basically it's a club without a sound system. All patrons are given wireless headphones upon entry, and can switch between the various DJ's playing on the fly. To any observers, what you see is a sea of people dancing to different beats with no audible music... Genius.

So, what's it like? Courtesy of our intrepid roving 707 reporter...

"Last Saturday, while some of us were at Embassy Playground, after watching VHS or Beta we decided to go to the Silent Disco and the guys there gave us wireless headphones, and you could choose which DJ's you wanted to listen to (there were 2 DJ's on the spot) playing different types of music...one DJ was playing Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit and when you tune in to other DJ, there was that old Junior Senior song...it was so good we even missed Belle and Sebastian DJ set...well you get the idea..."

Wow. Almost like being there. After unanimous rave reviews from friends, if the Silent Disco crew comes your way check 'em out and, ahem, enjoy the silence (yes, an awful pun, based on a depressing song so old it's hardly even relevant any more, but it's late and we're tired).

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So you're an uber-successful designer and want to show it off as crassly as possible to your equally taste-deprived friends? Have we got the product for you...

Take one Macbook Pro, dip in 24k gold, add a handful of diamonds and... Ta-dah! You've managed to defeat the purpose of a portable computer by making it too heavy for anyone but a 'roid monkey to lug around. But then who are we kidding, rich people don't carry their own laptops anyway. That's why they hire poor people!

Otherwise there are always the lighter options of a gold iPhone or iPod Nano...


Reassuring to know that Indonesian Airport Security is under control.

Couple of signs we took photos of in Jakarta recently.

But feel to bring in guns and drugs.


Award-winning concept for a room-in-a-box from CAPSULO. Got a bad feeling it'll be like those bloody wooden cube puzzles where once you take it apart you can never get it back together again. Damn you puzzle, damn you!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


ELEY KISHIMOTO have come up with one of our favourite BEARBRICK reworkings in quite a while. Available in red and black colourways.

Also gotta say thanks to Mark Eley for the congrats, kind advice, and giving us a heads up on what might be a more appropriate use of the print for new parents... They've just used it on a special Japan-only limited edition MACLAREN stroller...

{Bearbrick photos from TOYBEAST}

NEW AT 707.

Arrived Sunday night, an as-yet-unnamed son. Suggestion to call him Seven was already shot down by the missus. Maybe time to open "707 Kids"?

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Saddened to hear that POLAROID has just decided to stop producing its famous instant cameras... May not be the best quality shots around, but we'll miss the retro charm and excitement of waiting for the images to fade in, and the iconic bottom-heavy white border. Somehow hitting the play button on a digital camera just isn't the same...

Monday, February 04, 2008


Tape is dead.

We loved skulls before they were cool, while they were cool, and even now that everyone's mum is happy to wear one on a shirt... The SKULL-A-DAY blog is obviously by someone with the same appreciation. Every day, a new post with a picture of a skull. Perfect breakfast blog reading.

{thanks to Marc for the link}

Friday, February 01, 2008


Croatian farmers deny the use of harmful chemicals.

Yes, there is a world record for 'most Smurfs gathered together at one time'. No, this group of crazy Croatians didn't get it with their total of 391, which is why they're depressed. Seems that it will go to one of two competing groups of British university students, who, in their vain attempts to prove how eccentric and irreverent they are by appropriating elements of 80's youth culture in an 'ironic' way (but are really only reaffirming their loser status and desperate need for attention), have gathered as many as 1,132 'Smurfs' in one place.

707 does not smurf the smurfiness of this smurfing, and has no plans on smurfing the record, we just want to chill with Smurfette.

{re-imagining of Smurfette by WayneSantos.com}

Thursday, January 31, 2008


A couple of shots of the excellent mural done by Sanchia (from Slyndicates) and Mira, otherwise known as Murkin&Murkin on our nursery wall... A combination of paint and paper collage done over two days. The kid's gonna love it. Thank you.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


When he's not crimefighting, Batman loves to watch romantic musicals with his superhero friends.

Regular home theaters are sooo passe... Think you're cool cos you've got a 42 inch plasma? Ha! Movie-geeks laugh at your system behind your back (they're too scared to laugh to your face). The truly dedicated theme their home theaters based on their fave flicks, and don't think twice about spending up to a few mill (US$ not rupes people). Found this list of 10 of the 'best'...


NIKE's always been generous with gifts of rare or special kicks, but this one left me speechless. Many, many thanks to Wina and the crew for dropping off this incredible boxed set of the seven 'Be True' Dunks, and full marks to the guys in Manila for the great design work on the 'locker'... This special 'locker' packaging is South East Asia only, and there are only 6 in the world.

2008 is the 20th anniversary of the iconic Dunk, and the first special edition releases will be re-masters of the 7 colourways shown in the old 'Be True to Your School' poster, with each representing a different college.

This is the first time the Dunk has gotten the special Nike 'Vintage' treatment (initially done for a colab with Junya Watanabe/Comme de Garcons) to make them look aged - faded leathers, scuff marks, yellowing midsoles... Even the box has faded cardboard and is based on the original, complete with old-school Nike logos. Attention to detail is pretty amazing, and the softened leather fits like a favourite, broken-in shoe.

That's this week's footwear sorted.

The 'Be True' vintage Dunks will be released individually in very limited quantities in select stores (Tier 0 only?) worldwide... We keep hearing rumours that ONE store in Indonesia may even get some... Of course you're all smart enough not to listen to such idle gossip...


Great FLICKR group. People using LP sleeves (we'll explain what LP's are later kids) for photo optical illusions... If you're a midget, then use of CD covers as a substitute is accepted. If you have a freakishly small, rectangular head then we would recommend cassette tape inserts.


Love this sticker seen on car window last week in Jakarta. Would have made our day if the driver was also wearing SCHWIPE's classic "Islam is OK" tee...

For the record, Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim nation. Almost all (90%+) of the 230,000,000+ people are Muslim. Feel free to use this fact to amaze your friends and family with your wisdom.