Thursday, March 29, 2007


One of 707's crew tracks down SCHWIPE's secret headquarters... then proceeds to write a seemingly neverending post about it.

It took me a hop, a skip and a stroll to find Schwipe’s new store in Melbourne, Australia. It's as if the creators don’t want people to find their place, and just when I thought that, a big bent-neon Daft Punk-ish sign greeted me saying “Don’t Come”. In bright pink, of course.

I believe it was fate that brought me there. I was just trying on a pair of Schwipe’s impossible tracksuit at another place, and asked for directions to the store. It was just as impossible as the pants; deconstructed and puzzling. As I walked out, brutally confused as to where this place might be, a man with the exact same tracksuit passed by, talking business busily on his mobile while carrying a box. Could he be one of Schwipe’s? I took my chances.

Like a nut-head I followed him round the block, and just when he turned back I waved with hope. He was shocked as hell and tried to avoid me. I was a man of color, and by color I mean red jeans and purple sweater. I said ‘Schwipe?’ he said ‘Follow me.’

The store-slash-gallery-slash-museum-slash-workshop was curiously hid on the top story of an old building, around the corner of the posh Little Collins Street. Just under is a boutique carrying various prestigious labels such as Surface 2 Air (as do we) up to the extent of Martin Margella, with a cool price tag (think AUD1100 for a pair of wool trousers). The low key street-wear vibe of Schwipe makes a perfect icing to this three-tiered cake.

I was serious when I mentioned workshop. After climbing through a fire escape turned trendy foyer, I immediately witnessed the hands-on construction of Schwipe’s hoodies and tees to my left, while the other end opens to a big loft. The store covers half of the layout, complete with what looks to be a ‘basement’ changing room, printed with this season’s pattern. Edgy printed tees are perfectly folded (one screams out ‘Islam is OK’) and even edgier hoodies and tracksuits are hung side to side.

The other half is instantly a gallery, displaying local artists’ work. An island-like installation made out of cardboard boxes in yellow and lures of carved wood done with ducking tape takes up most of the space. Hundreds of folded Met Cards (a little passport to go around Melbourne) are hung on collapsible walls, resembling abstract forms with an intense sense of movement.

A riddle, really, how a place full of creativity would be hid from the world outside. However, curiosity and word of mouth seem to be the only way to find the finer things in life. Just like Schwipe with its wittiness printed on cotton. A place where art takes half the space and Islam is OK.

{via Abraham}

Schwipe is available NOW at 707ANNEX.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The Loft

{from Bergas in London}

It's really hard to put THE LOFT into words. On March 18th 2007, we were very lucky to live through the experience.

All we can say is this one will surely be up there with your "wedding-first born-first kiss-first Coltrane" memories - joy and pure music enlightenment in their finest forms from the maestro, David Mancuso... Big ups and mad respect to Alex (Gimme5/Stussy) who hooked us up with this magic!


Alex (Gimme 5) & B

David Mancuso - no headphones & old-school decks...

The kidz...

The older kidz...


Hiroko, Nick & Nico

Had to bring up this bar we visited when in Japan last month... Seemingly always the source for the dodgiest spots, Nick Twelvebar took us to Rock Steady, hidden deep in the middle of nowhere in Tokyo.

Allegedly owned by the guys from Neighbourhood, with a retro soundsystem supposedly shipped in complete from a dodgy establishment somewhere in the American Midwest, anyone drinking there can pull out records from their collection and spin them for the rest of the patronage - in our case that meant just us... Ended up there with Hiroko and Nico from Staple / Reed Space listening to Nick's shady stories 'til they kicked us out at 5am (We now know to watch our wallet when hanging with 'models' in Las Vegas)... A great space and great evening.


Police found this stash of US$204 million bucks in cash in a house in Mexico City. We're assuming it belongs to a drug lord and not some grandmother who hid it under the bed cos she doesn't trust banks. Never forget, cash is king.


Supposedly just delivered a few days earlier...

Our third Bugatti post, hopefully if we plug the car enough they'll send us one... Brings a tear to our eye to see this photo - and you were pissed when some guy dinged your door at the mall? The cost to repair this damage could probably buy every trailer in our trailer park.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Came across a couple of interesting food items in Singapore this weekend.

First up, 'Ethnic Flavor' chips. We kind of like ethnic music, ethnic fashion and ethnic cultures so figured we'd give these a try... Not quite sure what 'Ethnic' is supposed to taste like exactly so can't really vouch for the spicy flavor's authenticity. At a guess we'd say the only thing 'Ethnic' about these chips is that English isn't their first language. Probably not available at 707 anytime soon...

Second offering is something more for the food connoisseurs reading the blog. Was shown this by the chef at one of our secret sushi spots. The eye of a bluefin tuna. Allegedly specially ordered for some clients coming in later that night... Personally we usually try to avoid anything that can stare us down while we eat it.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Normally we're not big on covering DJ sets - we're the kind of boring nerds who'd rather be chilling at home watching the latest pirated episodes of Heroes. Imported DJ's sleepwalking through their by-the-numbers playlists? Makes time go slower than Hiro Nakamura... but daaaamn, 2 MANY DJ'S (aka Soulwax) blew us away this weekend with an amazing set that had the crowd at Zouk going wild and even got our lazy arses doing a few dodgy dance moves - and anyone who knows us knows it takes some serious beats (and a fair number of G&T's) to get us doing the electric slide in public.

The Belgian brothers as famous for their remixes as their own tracks, did what they do best and tracks were mashed up, broken up, and dropped thick and fast, sometimes only appearing for a matter of seconds before disappearing, with cheers greeting many of the classics... Playlist somehow managed to include Guns n' Roses, Blur, Justice vs. Simian, Electric Light Orchestra, Vanessa Paradis, Nirvana, The Killers and of course Soulwax and various club classics amongst the zillions of other tracks speeding by. Pure genius.

Major thanks to Lynn for sorting us out with the VIP treatment at the door...

If you've never checked anything by these guys, start by getting your hands on their classic 'As Heard on Radio Soulwax vol. 2' album, or remix of the Gorillaz 'Dare'.

Glenda (fresh from the studio in news presenter garb!), Sandy, Lynn, and Cat

Kelley (editor of ISH) and Sandy

Elvi and Cat

Marc and Sandy (what again?..)

Sunday, March 18, 2007


To celebrate their first decade as the most reknowned, respected and yet simultaneously cynically dismissed multibrand store in the world, COLETTE has teamed up with KIDROBOT to produce a special collection of blind-boxed Dunnys. The series features 11 Dunnys from a group of artists and fashion designers including Geoff McFetridge, Geneviere Gauckler and Sophie Toporkoff.

Unfortunately these were only available at Colette and Kidrobot, and are already completely sold out... Like we keep telling you, you gotta be on the ball to get the goods. Have fun getting screwed on eBay.

707 is the first and only official retailer of KIDROBOT toys in Indonesia.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


We're big fans of any art that connects with your average person on the street and this life-size wireframe Subaru by Brit artist Ben Radcliffe is one of the coolest pieces we've seen this year. Previously displayed at the Paul Smith gallery, it was parked outside on the street for a more recent exhibition, even picking up a few parking tickets from 'comedic' British traffic wardens... Not sure of the car choice, except that maybe it's one car you don't want to be seen in?


sporting the 10th anniversary logo

Thanks to Nico at STAPLE for the rare BEARBRICK they designed for Series 13. This is one of the secret designs that doesn't even feature on the box...

New stocks of Bearbrick series 10, 11, 12, and 13 arriving shortly...


Obey x Kidrobot Dunny (very limited stock with random mini-print)

New shipment of KIDROBOT just arrived and is in 707 and 707ANNEX now... Includes the latest Dunny Azteca series (the best yet), new Gorillaz figures, large Obey Dunny, the ultra-popular Donuts, and the incredible 'I AM PLASTIC' book. Written by the founder of Kidrobot, Paul Budnitz, this is the best work yet about the collectible designer vinyl toy scene and a must-have for collectors or anyone curious to learn more...

I AM PLASTIC - you gotta check this, ask staff to browse...

the GORILLAZ are back!

Dunny Azteca, taking blind boxed toys to the next level...

the latest customizable Munnys, with new random accessories

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Thanks to Ben and Bobby Hundreds for the guided tour (takes 2 hours with audio for an extra fee) of their new store at Fairfax & Rosewood. Place is looking good, although we're always biased to anything in black (as far as we're concerned black is ALWAYS the new black). Anyway, congrats, world domination can't be far off... especially not with a crew that knows how to work the camera like the two in the shot above - what's up with every single LA store having staff that looked like they just walked off a photoshoot?

Our latest delivery of THE HUNDREDS T's, caps and hoodies just arrived yesterday and will be in 707 and 707ANNEX on friday.

working hard for the money...

The voice of dissent.


Congrats to Leah of MARRIED TO THE MOB on a great interview at WORSHIP WORTHY. Check it out to get the lowdown on the ultra-cool mastermind behind the hottest women's label around - we think the MCM / Colette photos trump any attempt to debate us on this...

MARRIED TO THE MOB just arrived yesterday (!) in 707 Kemang and should be up on the racks by Friday. Stocks are super-limited. Yes, we have the 'Men are the New Women' T. No, we don't have many. Yes, you should run, not walk to pick it up. No, we're not going to give you a discount. No, not even if you're friends with the owner. No, not even if you do that thing you do.

MOB x MCM takes over the display at Colette, Paris.