Tuesday, April 15, 2008


As worn by Kanye, and featured in recent issues of BAZAAR and GQ... NOOKA watches are coming soon to 707, including new gold and grey metal models...

We are the official and exclusive partner of Nooka for Indonesia. For distribution enquiries send us an email...


Doesn't exactly look like the busiest place to put a piece..

BANKSY's biggest work in London so far (as far as we know). Somehow he managed to erect three storey's of scaffolding in view of CCTV cameras, do his piece then scarper... Gotta admit though, we admire the logistics planning more than the work this time.


This is genius. Having said that, we're still amazed by anyone who can read without moving their lips.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


DJ Double-C

Grand Theft Auto IV is coming pretty soon from ROCKSTAR games (started by a couple of guys I knew at high school who are now way richer than I'll ever be - but the real question is... are they happy with all their cars, and houses, and gadgets, and model girlfriends, and... bastards, I keeeel you!).

Anyway, we're sure all you GTA players out there always thought the game was missing something fashion related in the DJ department. Rockstar of course is two steps ahead! Guest DJ for GTAIV? None other than Karl Lagerfeld... Not sure if he'll be throwing in some weight loss and fashion tips with his patter (oui, oui, toujours noir)...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


With all the buzz around Alan Moore's classic WATCHMEN finally being made into a movie (fingers crossed it doesn't suck, but not exactly optimistic after seeing 300), it's good to see interest in our fave graphic novel of all time coming back. Love this interpretation of the Peanuts gang in Watchmen mode...

{via EVAN'S blog}