Friday, April 27, 2007


Continuing the Transformers theme from our earlier post, it seems that Nike and Tomy are also jumping on the Optimus Prime bandwagon. They've jointly created a new Transformer character called 'Convoy' whose amazing robot ability is to turn into (or from) a Nike Free 7.0. Not a pair of course, just one. Actually just the left one. Brilliant.

Now we get what's fun about a toy robot that turns into a tank (Bludgeon) or a jet fighter (Jetfire), but are still sort of confused about why a kid would want to play with a plastic Nike Free... (Unless of course they're playing the classic playground game 'Look, I'm Holding a Shoe'.)


The amazing Air Jordan I "Beginning Moments" double pack just released in most regions this week and has been selling out in record time (already hitting US$375 for some sizes at Flight Club). Love the colourways, and the gum sole on the yellow pair is incredible. Just thought we'd mention it. May be worth keeping an eye on this blog...

{image courtesy of FLIGHT CLUB NYC}

Thursday, April 26, 2007


The ultra-hyped safety pin print by THE HUNDREDS... Selling fast at 707ANNEX.


707 needs you. We're looking for new staff in both Kemang and Citos stores as well as for a new project we have underway... If you're interested send a CV to Interviews start next week...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Kate has one. So does Lindsay. And Kirsten. And of course Ovelia (707 partner) has a well known addiction...

Sacha Hyde has built a cult following for her incredibly soft and detailed bags. Still made by hand in London using the best leathers and accessorised with her trademark 'trinkets' they are made in limited editions and sell out all over the world. Sacha previously designed bags for Silas, and is currently working on some incredible collaborations to be revealed soon...

HYDE S.K. is sold in stores such as Colette in Paris, Beams and Tomorrowland in Tokyo, I Heart in NYC, I.T. in HK, and of course 707 is the exclusive stockist in Southeast Asia.

Sacha Hyde's latest collection is starting to arrive in 707 now, with some very special editions on the way...

Photo from HYPEBEAST.

Friday, April 20, 2007


ALL Pumas by Mihara Yasuhiro are now on SALE (30%+ discount!) in 707 Kemang. Limited sizes, plus more styles than shown in photo...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


spinning at Quirk It

Happy Birthday to one of the icons of the Indonesian club scene, DJ Anton, who celebrated in style with a massive party at Embassy on Friday (could there BE any more DJ's?), followed by an excellent bash thrown by Ridwan and the Quirk It crew on Saturday...

If you haven't been to Quirk It yet, keep checking for the next set of flyers - definitely one of the best nights in Jakarta at the moment featuring well-known local DJ's pushing to create the kind of unexpected and eclectic mixes you don't normally get to hear...


Just finished reading an incredible story about how South America's largest and most prosperous city, Sao Paolo, has just taken the unprecedented step of banning ALL outdoor advertising, including billboards and neon signs... This has been done under the pretext of reducing "visual pollution". Not quite sure if this is a good or bad thing, some ads these days are definitely creative enough to be considered a form of art that enlivens our surroundings, but the majority are dull variations for cliched cigarette campaigns, or even worse massive blown-up photos of Mr. Bean going on holiday (why does everyone, or even anyone, outside of England think he's funny?).

Anyway, when it comes down to it beauty is subjective, so defining "visual pollution" would seem to be rather difficult - we see people every day wearing outfits we'd classify as visual pollution... And any move towards such a controlled 'utopia' is always a bit scary. In a free, democratic, capitalist society, isn't it a given that you should have the right to boast about how good your Tampons are in huge 20 foot high letters to all passers-by? We think so.

{link to International Herald Tribune article}

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


People keep asking how we choose our 707 crew. Here's our latest applicant being tested...

On a side note, 707 is looking for new staff. Think you've got the ninja skills?

Sunday, April 08, 2007


New in store from THE HUNDREDS and aNYthing, at 707ANNEX (and maybe a few in 707 too)... and yes, we know the photos suck.


Big thanks to Adi/Recktmedz for doing some reporting on Boston's infamous new spot BODEGA. (n.b. NO MAS will be arriving on 707 shelves very shortly, including the skate deck on the wall).

"Their marketing strategy is dope, no advertising at all, no sign, nothing just an small, old convenience store... until you trigger the sensor sliding open a secret door to reveal the hidden store behind (couldn't take any shots of the door)..."

check the NO MAS Kid Dynamite poster...

rumour is even the toilet paper is a Charmin' hyperstrike...

what no Sprite?

check the NO MAS skate deck in the background - coming soon to 707


Ok, we know Martin Scorcese has more talent in his eyebrows than Michael Bay has in his whole body, but the latest shots of TRANSFORMERS are looking pretty slick - allegedly taking 38 hours a frame to render... Anyway, when it comes down to it, we like cars, and we like robots, and this has cars that ARE ALSO robots. You get that? Not just cars (although there are probably a few of those too) or just robots, BUT cars that ARE ALSO robots. Now that's movie gold.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


1 old CD spindle + 1 bagel lunch + a dose of ingenuity = elegantly simple lunchbox.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


This weekend we will be releasing the latest collection from 2K BY GINGHAM, featuring the works of world's best graphic artists and designers reproduced on colourful limited edition T-shirts.

To celebrate we'll be giving a special discount if you buy two at once, only from April 6 - 8th at 707 in Kemang.

All designs are in limited quantities as always, most only have 3 or 4 pieces per design, so better be quick, the good sizes and designs always sell out fast.

Artists include: Basquiat, Rinzen, Guillaume Wolf, Andy Warhol, Bill McMullen, Daniel Johnson, Marc Atlan, David Shrigley, Demo, Buro Destruct, Generic Costume, Yusaku Hanakuma, Perks, Misaki Kawai, Upnorth, Garland Lyn, Synola, Geoff McFetridge, French & many more...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


with a floor like that, you can tell it's a classy dealership...

Forget buying an S-class... for the low, low price of only US$149,999, you can buy the ultimate in 1982 automobile technology as developed by the infamous Knight Industries.

Not only does this Pontiac Trans Am boast artificial intelligence (KITT), a revolutionary Molecular Bonded Shell (resistant to most known weapons below heavy artillery) a turbine engine (capable of accelerating to 300 mph), and a 'Turbo Boost' for jumping over obstacles, it also allows you to make-believe that you ARE the incredible method actor and multi-million selling rockstar (2 million discs + in Germany) David Hasselhoff, aka the Hoff. Now that's a bargain.

While we're on the subject of the man and myth that is David Hasselhoff, we should probably mention that he's had number one singles in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, has a video in the top 20 of all time on YouTube, has made over US$100,000,000 from Baywatch, and has one of the highest rated albums on Amazon. Gotta recommend checking his album's brilliant Amazon site, full of sarcastic reviews describing the life-changing experience of listening to it, giving 5-star ratings and often deliberately ending with the phrase "the song 'Hot Shot City' is particularly good".

In case you're wondering what sort of tasteless idiot would spend that much cash to drive a car from a tacky 80's TV series (albeit with surprisingly good theme music), we just saw on Cribs the other day that one of the members of N*Sync has one...

{on sale now at KASSABIAN MOTORS}