Wednesday, March 26, 2008


707 is looking for a new Graphic Designer.
For more information and how to apply,
contact Febby at (021) 719 70 14

Or send your brief portfolio
(PDF/Flash file no bigger than 2MB/or a link to your website) to: OPS@SEVENOHSEVEN.COM

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Been trying to work out how to get hold of these Marc Jacobs designed, limited-edition Louis Vuitton bags specially made for Wes Anderson's movie 'The Darjeeling Limited'.

Supposedly the bags from the movie were auctioned off afterwards for charity. No idea of price, although it would seem a bit pointless bidding if your initials aren't J.L.W... Anyway, makes the recent LV designs look pretty unimaginative in comparison.

Hopefully some of our friends at Mangga Dua catch on and start churning out some fakes soon.


A collaboration/exhibition done by ROMANCE WAS BORN & Del Kathryn Barton in Kaliman Gallery, Paddington. The set was stunningly beautiful. It felt like you're in a paradise. Everything was so euphoric. The feeling that I was receiving from the whole show was that as if I was taken back into the Adam and Eve era. Salute to Luke Sales, Anna Plunkett, and Del Kathryn Barton!!!

ROMANCE WAS BORN is exclusively available in Indonesia at the paradise which is 707. Except that we're all sold out. Gotta be quick people.

{thanks to Diiiiiiinta for the coverage!}

Friday, March 14, 2008


New SPEED RACER trailer is out. And disappointing... Is it just us or does the latest flick from the Wachowski "Matrix Trilogy" Brothers (or possibly just the Wachowski's - rumours abound that Larry has had a sex change op) look like a sad mix of Tron, Nintendo's F-Zero, and a bad 80's Manchester rave party? Only apparent redeeming feature was Christina Ricci's legs, which was unfortunately countered by the John Goodman surprise appearance.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


The place to be this Saturday... After already throwing similar successful sneaker/DJ events in their native Holland, the crew from Addicts and Leyp have come halfway around the globe to do the same thing in JKT.

They've brought a ton of Dutch DJ's (DDJ's?) including Goodgrip, Mc Gee, Lady Bee, Fullscale and Melly Mel, Leyp will be doing live sneaker customization, and there will be graf artists also on hand doing their thing.

Anyway, check it out. Shouldn't be the same old same old.

707 is the only non-Adidas store in Indonesia carrying Adidas Originals and special editions...