Thursday, November 30, 2006


If you're looking for silhouettes of naked women flying in all directions (who isn't?), and super-retro graphics, you gotta check all the recent uploads of old Bond movie intros on Youtube.

Managing to be kitsch and stylish at the same time, on occasion the best part of the movie, and more often than not backed by classic songs... Nobody does it better.

Haven't seen the new 'improved' Bond yet, but if it's missing the traditional credit sequence it's getting an automatic two thumbs down.


UPDATE: Saw Casino Royale. 7/10 for the movie. 2/10 for the intro. No naked silhouettes, animation looked like something made with Flash, and again, no naked silhouettes...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


flava says "show 'em whatcha got"

Normally we're too sophisticated (ha, right...) to sink to the level of tabloid journalism, but not much else to report today... Seems Britney wants everyone to know she's back on the market. And gets regular waxing. And had a caesarian. And needs to work out.

You know you've sunk pretty low when Paris Hilton is trying to stop you from showing too much skin... and K-Fed starts to look like the better choice for custody of the kids.

For those with strong stomachs, the uncensored shots are at THE SUPERFICIAL.


The Nike Free is not only a future classic (in our opinion) but also the most crazy comfortable sneaker we've ever worn. This collab between Nike and store/brand Atmos uses a unique 3M upper that reflects a snakeskin pattern under bright lighting, and takes the whole shebang one step further...

In 707ANNEX now.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


St. Bernard available separately

"A Mountain Spelled M-U-R-D-E-R", the latest winter collection from TROVATA has just started arriving in 707. This collection received rave reviews from Anna Wintour and the fashion press in NYC earlier this year, and continues Trovata's tradition of classic pieces with unexpected details. The long sleeve shirts and velvet jackets (with crazy silk linings) are especially cool. You may have seen us wearing these around already...

we always say, 'if you're gonna die, leave a well-dressed corpse...'

As usual all the pieces in the collection follow a story written by the guys themselves, this time a thriller set in Switzerland... For the first time they've made it into a slick (and nicely gruesome) graphic novel, currently up on their website.

Trovata is exclusive to 707 in Indonesia.


Very cool design for cushions/seating from LIVINGSTONES. Especially appropriate for our many cave-dwelling readers.


Now this is marketing. Rather than spend cash on hiring graphic designers and artists to do the covers of your books, let your customers do it themselves for free!

Having already released a series of classic novels with covers designed by famous artists, designers and photographers, PENGUIN books is now releasing classic novels with completely blank covers. Have to admit this is a pretty good gift idea...

Our suggestion for Penguin's next product? How about completely blank books that the customers have to write themselves? At the same full price of course.

Friday, November 24, 2006


In our fight against all fashion victims worshiping at the church of TRUE RELIGION, 707 has just loaded a new weapon.

707 is the first official retailer for NUDIE denim in Indonesia. Quality jeans with great cuts, finishing and washes that will improve over time. Nudie's raw denim is also one of the best (yeah, along with APC), ultra-stiff at the start, and perfect for the aficionado who is willing to patiently let their jeans adapt to their own body contours, slowly picking up their own personal creases and wear points...

Just don't wash 'em. Ever. Trust us and 5 years from now you'll be a happy camper.


Some T's and hats from aNYthing have just dropped in 707ANNEX. Just a small shipment before our complete Winter delivery arrives. A very small shipment. Do yourself a favour and get over there. Now. And burn that shirt you're currently wearing. And pick up some new kicks to match.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


APPLE's user interface gurus have far too much time on their hands... Video of the lift in the Apple store in Ginza, Tokyo.


Kanye asking if 707 has any more Surface2Air tees...

Not only did JUSTICE vs. Simian unexpectedly win 'best video' at the European MTV music awards, they also picked up the trophy in style with one of them in a Surface 2 Air t-shirt, and even better, pissed off Kanye West enough to get him to bum-rush the stage... Mildly ironic considering that their award was for their track 'We are your friends'.

Great quote from Kanye when he was on stage; "F**k this! My video cost a million dollars. Pamela Anderson was in it, I was jumping across canyons and s**t! If I don't win, the awards show loses credibility."

Brilliant. We've met six year-olds with better reasoning skills.


November 20th. Special edition Tyson Heavyweight Commemoration skate decks expected in 707ANNEX and 707 a few weeks after this launch...


Monday, November 20, 2006


Anton & Elda, 'M' for married...

Congrats to Jakarta's own DJ Godfather, Anton, on finally tying the knot to Elda and putting on one of the best weddings of the year...

After tricking us all with a civilized and elegant start at the Dharmawangsa Hotel ballroom, things got progressively crazier as the evening went on, finally turning into an all-out house party when all the guests moved to Dragonfly for the afterparty... The atmosphere when Anton finally took to the decks for a short set with Elda jumping around on the podium and the crowd with their arms in the air made all his other events look tame :)

Best wishes from all at 707!

Anton & mystery guest

Hogi goes super old school
Elvi & Diva

Hanin (Aksara Records) & Yudha (Embassy)

Anezka, Daniel & Ovelia (707)

DJ Glen & Regan (Juice)

DJ Anto & the Mrs.

Mutia, DJ Mayo & Dinta

Batman, Nasta & Audrey

Reza (Juice/Area) & Diva

Michael (Casa/Embassy)

view from Dragonfly DJ booth

Anton & Elda on the podium

Dina, Elvi & Ovelia

Caroline Z.

Felly (A+) & Anton

Gianluigi (the Junction)


learning for the future

It's good to see that an educational alternative to the usual violent video games or commercial toy figures has arrived for kids.

Next time you have to buy a gift for your little cousin, what could be better than the GR8 TaT2 maker? GR8 idea by your marketing crew to change the spelling to "TaT2" guys - that'll fool the parents and suck in the HiP Kiddzz...

Anyway, now kids can learn a skill for the future while copying the armband tattoos and lower back *** (*insert as appropriate; butterfly/dolphin/heart/angel-wings/star/chinese character) of their fave 90's rock stars and exotic dancers...


Saturday, November 18, 2006


Everyone who bought a 707 x Darbotz special SBTG T-shirt on launch day was entered into a competition to win a free pair of Nike SBTG Dunk SB's...

Together with JUICE we've chosen a winner. Who is it? Check the new issue of JUICE... We'll publish the winner on the blog next week...

Friday, November 17, 2006


Airmax 360 with polka dots by Hiroshi Fujiwara

This incredible range of very limited edition shoes from NIKE will never be released again. For the first (and last time), Nike has taken the sole from their current top running shoe, the AIRMAX 360, and attached it to three classic AIRMAX's from the past. We have two ranges. The classic range attaches the 360 sole to the original colourways of the AIRMAX 90, AIRMAX 95, AIRMAX 97 and the original 360. The clerks range uses the colourways (and materials) from the popular special edition clerks pack of shoes released recently. Both ranges have been selling out immediately everywhere they drop, and are already going for premiums on ebay. We start selling when we open at 11am on Saturday, November 18th.

These are only released in two stores in Southeast Asia. Stocks are extremely limited. Official Nike retail price is 1,799,000 Rp.

the Clerks pack

the Originals pack

Original Airmax 90 with 360 sole.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


The just-released and sold-out PS3 is already available in Jakarta! For the low,low price of... 13million rupes (US$1400 in real money). The list price is about US$600. No idea how much games are, but this is already the 6th unit this store has brought in (and it's already on hold). We're in the wrong business.

The same store also has chipped Xbox 360's with games for US$3.50, and sells Nintendo DS games on memory cards for a buck a pop... When it comes to black market importing or piracy, it's good to see that Indonesia is still number one.

Maybe an US$800 premium isn't such a bad deal, considering the chances of getting shot, carjacked and more...We'll stick to the Nintendo Wii.

Great video on YOUTUBE of a guy buying one then smashing it to pieces in front of the desperate people waiting in line.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Nothing better than coming back from lunch to find eighteen large cardboard boxes from Puma and Nike...

Currently checking and counting, but Puma Clyde's will be re-released in 707ANNEX and 707 on Wednesday afternoon... We will be the first store in Indonesia to carry this classic sneaker in years.

Two colourways, and the Clyde will only be available at 707 stores for the next two weeks. After that there will be limited supplies at a few selected Puma stores. The official Indo price is a bargain at only 499,000 Rp. (waaay cheaper than Singapore), and nice to see that Puma has made a little effort with the boxing, adding a few Clyde stickers on the outside and a booklet inside. We expect these to move pretty quickly.

So what else was in the boxes? Gotta wait until we've finished counting and quality checking... Should have some more news on Thursday Otherwise check the kicks of 707 partners over the next couple of days...


SURRENDER flag and flocked Bizzare Tees come in a free bag

Two hot brands in 707 and 707ANNEX now. SURRENDER. FALSE. Exclusive to 707 in Indonesia.


Retail Yakuza logo rips (from FALSE) - very hard to find...

Monday, November 13, 2006


Vintage bubblegum cards featuring the classic Woody Allen comedy 'SLEEPER'. This was a cult film back when I was a kid - BAZOOKA gum was definitely cooler back in the day...

great quote...



basketball legend and style king, Walt 'Clyde' Frazier
and the world's first signature shoe

The all-time classic PUMA CLYDE is expected to arrive at our storage tomorrow, for release on Wednesday (to be confirmed tomorrow - check site later!).

707ANNEX is proud to be the first store to re-release the Clyde in Indonesia in years. For the next two weeks limited stock will ONLY be available at 707ANNEX. After that there will be some more limited stocks available at a few flagship Puma stores.