Tuesday, July 31, 2007


IN 707 & 707ANNEX NOW.

The all-time classic NIKE Air Jordan III. All White. Pure Money. Rp. 1.299.000.

As sold at Colette and other elite stores worldwide. Although... as has been pointed out, Footlocker used their power as a premium Nike account to get hold of it in the US... Anyway, gotta get out of that 'hypebeast' mentality - doesn't change the fact that it's one of the best Jordans in a while, which is why all the major fashion stores wanted to carry it (and Nike WAS pretty picky about who they selected).

For us, we like the subtle attention to detail, and the fact that it's a nicely understated classic that goes with shorts, with denim or even with a suit... Sometimes you want to go the Visvim route and just keep it simple...

A 707 / Nike exclusive. It will NOT be officially released in any other stores in Indonesia. Limited quantities available now...

{photo from We Sold Out / Colette}

Sunday, July 29, 2007


IN 707 & 707ANNEX NOW.
the Jordan...

... becomes the Jordunk

Nike's been playing Dr. Frankenstein again, this time with Jordans and Dunks... They've taken the colours and materials from different classic Jordan models and applied them to the Nike Dunk. Attention to detail is impressive, check the tongue of the "Jordunk" 8 using Neoprene and with the famed puffy 'flower/peace' logo...

Four different Jordunks now available in 707 (Kemang) and 707ANNEX (CiToS) for Rp.799.000 a pair.

Also this weekend we'll be dropping the Jordan III all-white "Pure Money" edition (Rp. 1.299.000)... (see earlier post for pics)

All of these are EXCLUSIVE to 707 stores in Indonesia - these will NOT be at Nike stores or anywhere else...

Saturday, July 28, 2007


happy days with DJ Recloose... Aayy...

Caught up with DJ Recloose at new bar Muse in Singapore last night. A great set by him and Dean (check his new Tuck Shop bar) and good to see some of the Surrender crew and Donovan (the man behind the Good Vibrations festival in Sing) out and about... Gotta say thanks to T. for supplying the Dom and his trick of ordering 60 shots at a time (would have preferred it if there were more than six of us)...

DJ Recloose will be playing with Anton and Hogi at Dragonfly this Saturday as part of the Junction pre-party...

Sandy, Glenda & Michael

DJ Dean & Donovan (wearing False...)

the first 30 arrive...

Thursday, July 26, 2007


We'll be doing the draw in the next couple of days - winner will be contacted by mobile/email and posted on the blog...


hmmm... guess the 707 partner?

Yeah, this is all over the web, but amusing enough that we had to mention in case you haven't seen it yet... Make your own SIMPSONS likeness...

Get bored of that, you can always do one for SOUTH PARK too...


Seems this new-fangled 'chess' game is pretty popular, so we decided one post probably wasn't enough... The latest nerd gag? Gluing the pieces to a board, hitting the closest amusement park ride and having their photo taken 'playing' during the big drop.

Have to admit, pretty funny... although we're still fans of the FLASH MOUNTAIN trick...

Friday, July 20, 2007


this rare pair of mystery Nikes could be yours...

This is the last weekend to enter our lottery to win some very rare Nikes, Cheap Monday jeans and more... Receive a lottery ticket for every 500,000 rupiah spent in either 707 (Kemang) or 707ANNEX (CiToS). Spend over a million and get a 10% discount on your bill!

Discount even applies to new Nike and Cheap Monday stock...


Yeah, we know our stores and brands are featured in magazines all over the place, but it's cool to get a cover that not only features our stuff, but is also shot in our store... Although it's been used previously for filming, music videos, TV shows, photoshoots and even MTV, this is our store's first cover... Aaaah, you broke your cherry...

Check the cover of the upcoming issue of FHM collections - shot recently in 707 Kemang featuring Fahri Albar.

(If you're looking for something more serious, check the latest issue of prominent Indo biz mag SWA as they probe us for business tips...)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Sanjer gets a 4.4/5 and is possibly telekinetic.

So, you're a male nerd sitting at home alone on a Saturday night. Starcraft II is still months away, and you're bored of trying to hack the iPhone... What to do?

Uncle 707 to the rescue! Our recommendation? CHESSPICS.com Definitely further evidence that the internet caters to every known niche... This site features dozens of photos of female chess players deep in thought, ready to be rated by visitors. The perfect place to find the future mother of your nerdlings or Princess Leia cosplayer.

NOTE: 707 is not 'Nerdist' and will not tolerate Nerdism of any form. We love nerds and appreciate all the gadgets they have created for us over the years. May they live long and prosper and apologies for not picking you until last when choosing teams at school.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Here at 707 we're suckers for anything related to Japan (being half-Japanese might have something to do with it) so it's great to see that Nike's into celebrating Japanese culture these days... Just arrived in store; the Airmax 360 from the Koinoburi Pack. The design reflects the fish-shaped kites called Koinoburi (Koi means carp) flown every year in Japan to celebrate their children's day holiday.

The top of the Airmax is all in reflective 3M with a graphic fish-scale print (repeated on the insole) with purple and blue accents, and a subtle irridescent black (changes colour at different angles) around the edge... Exclusive to 707 and 707ANNEX in Indonesia Rp. 1.799.000, stocks limited...

Also in, the special edition 10AC Nike Free 5.0. Designed as part of a martial art collection for MMA fighter Caol Uno, it has an all-over semi-gloss white finish and subtle detailing... Again exclusive to 707 and 707ANNEX... (thanks to FRESHNESS for images)

Next to drop will be the Kakigori (shaved ice) pack, named after a popular summer ice-dessert in Japan - we should have the Airmax 1 and Court Force... Images soon..

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Finally after months (literally!) of waiting, new shipments of NIKE and CHEAP MONDAY have arrived! To celebrate the ending of our shipping ordeal, for every 500k (spend more, get more tickets) you spend this week you'll get a lottery ticket with a chance to win some very rare Nikes, free Cheap Monday jeans or Nike bags. Spend over a million and you get a 10% discount! Who loves ya baby?.. yeah, it's us.

ALL Nike's are special editions exclusive to 707. Some are pretty rare... They are NOT available anywhere else in Indonesia, so for most pairs there are less than 12 in the country - unlikely you'll bump into someone wearing the same shoe... Prices start at about Rp. 700.000.

Cheap Monday. ONLY Rp. 595.000 for jeans! As always, exclusive to 707 - we are the first and only store in Indonesia to currently carry it. First shipment has 6 styles of denim plus T's, dresses etc... Even more styles are on the way!

Monday, July 09, 2007


UPDATE: SOLD OUT, faster than you can say "pigeons are just rats with wings"....

We've just received limited stocks of the virtually impossible-to-find STAPLE DESIGN special edition NEW ERA Pigeon cap (follow-up to their infamous Nike Pigeon Dunk). In-store now.

707 is the exclusive partner of Staple Design in Indonesia.

complete with pigeon crap print on the back...

Friday, July 06, 2007


The mad scientists at Schwipe have done it again with their new collection "Ass Class and Grass"... Featuring their signature strong graphics and crazy all-over prints, we've got limited quantities of their T's and hoodies for guys n' gals.

Available NOW at both 707 Kemang and 707 Annex. Also look out for our new shopping bag with Schwipe slogan coming soon...

Thursday, July 05, 2007


It's good to see a movie studio doing some inspired marketing for a change... For the impending release of the SIMPSONS MOVIE, a number of 7-11 stores around the U.S. have been changed to Kwik-E-Marts, with new signage, cutouts of Apu ("I have been shot eight times this year. As a result, I almost missed work."), and even a Squishee machine ("An all syrup Super Squishy? Oh, such a thing has never been done.").

LUCKY 7.07.07.

This weekend to celebrate 7.07.07 (a once-in-a-century date) we're feeling the Vegas vibe...

Everyone who shops in 707 Kemang and 707ANNEX will get discounts or prizes...

Roll the dice when you shop and depending on what you roll you can have your discount increased or even get to pull prizes from our Lucky Draw including toys, T's and more...!

Be the first to see so many new seasons from our favorite labels such as Schwipe (see previous post), MHI, Nike (exclusive styles), Denim Is Everything, Tatty Devine, Hyde SK bags, Alakazam x Fabrick bags (by Medicom Toys) and lots more...

This Saturday and Sunday only... Monday all new stock is back to full price (we're stingy like that).