Tuesday, June 26, 2007


100 hours until the iPhone, zero hours until their loser status is confirmed

4 days until the iPhone launches and the hype is deafening enough that it's almost going to be uncool to have one. almost. well, definitely if you're one of the guys already lining up outside the NYC 5th avenue Apple store...

anyway, the European and Asian launches aren't due for months, and the gadget is allegedly locked to Cingular (go-go-Indo-hackers... that's what they said about the 360 and the Wii - games currently about a buck apiece in Jakarta...), so we figured we'd help you out.

just download, print, cut, fold, glue, and start posing. just tell everyone you got it early cos Steve's a friend, and don't let 'em look too closely (use the non-disclosure excuse).

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Updated with photos...

Thanks to all that came to Public on Saturday to catch French female DJ and graphic artist Missil hosting a discussion sesssion, mixing eclectic beats, and displaying / customizing her artwork live along with four local female artists (including 707's own Liza and Sanchia from Slyndicates)... Congrats to FUTURE10 and C&C PROJECTS for putting together a memorable and orginal event and thanks for inviting us to be involved...

Missill and Hogi (looking like he's never seen a camera before)

Chris & Cynthia (C&C)

Some corporate sellout hits on Ranissa.. Nice threads Mike.


Came across Kanye wearing the MHI x ZOLTAR tee in the April COMPLEX magazine. He may not appreciate the genius that is JUSTICE, but knows a good T-shirt when he sees one... As for Zoltar, they always manage to come up with original and twisted graphics and this is definitely one of our favourite T's that we've had in 707 recently - still got a couple of sizes left.

Zoltar is currently available at AMBUSH in Singapore.

Speaking of Justice (yup, smoooooth segue) they've just released six of the tee designs from their D.A.N.C.E. video. Available only at Colette (and We Sold Out), where else...

Sunday, June 03, 2007


With it's misshaped teeth and diamond studded skull, the latest piece of art from DAMIEN HIRST (famous for his preserved sharks) looks like an inverted image of rapper Paul Wall (known for his misshaped head and diamond studded teeth).

Entitled "For the Love of God" after his mum asked him "for the love of God what are you going to do next" (gotta love that, wish we could reveal a diamond covered skull whenever our mum asked the same thing), it's up for sale for about US$100 million. Not exactly cheap, but you can always justify it as being good value relative to the intrinsic value of the piece. Compare that to the ratio of the cost of paint and canvas in a Van Gogh to its sale price...

Anyway, we're betting 10 bucks and a goblet of crunk juice that Lil Jon buys it, adds a chain and starts wearing it around his neck.