Sunday, January 21, 2007


Yeah, yeah, flat screen TV's in hotel rooms? Been there, done that, pretty common these days...

So, what's a hotel got to do to one-up the competition? Check this out from our suite at the MGM Signature. In addition to the huge flat screen in the living room, they had this in the bedroom. Going to be interesting when rock stars start throwing these out of hotel windows...


Came across this while walking around in Vegas. Considering it was already the end of December the store is a bit behind schedule, or maybe the store is sooo super exclusive that they have nothing to sell and never unlock the door...

Rumors are that it's opening soon - looks like UNDEFEATED's unstoppable expansion continues...

Friday, January 19, 2007


the AF1 25th anniversary shopping bag

Nothing better than getting back from a trip to find a gift from NIKE waiting for you...

As any sneakerhead knows, 2007 is the 25th anniversary of the iconic Air Force One, a shoe that still moves millions of pairs every year. This is even more amazing considering that Nike refuses to do any advertising for it... Anyway, to commemorate this milestone, this year there are going to be a ton of special editions coming out, and I've got to thank the marvelous Miss P. and Nike for hooking me up with one of the first... Keep your eyes on 707ANNEX for lots of future exclusives...

check the 'ghost' image in the dots and embossed tissue

Supposedly there are only 10 pairs of these AF1 Supremes (Tier 0) in Southeast Asia (you rocking yours yet Mark?), and they're "born of the same DNA as the HTM AF1's of the past" - to quote the accompanying letter (not sure if these are HTM's or not...). Attention to detail is superb, check the 1982 embossing on the box, the embossing on the packing tissue, the lace tips, and the premium leather (it's like buttah)... Damn.

croc/anaconda(?) at the back and leather midsole

metal screw-on lace tips and tag

premium leather inside and insole

These will be on display in 707ANNEX next week... after they've spent some time on my feet.

"In 2007, Nike is celebrating the 25th year anniversary of the Air Force 1 in a variety of ways. One such way is to convey our sincere appreciation for your dedicated passion and ardent support for the Air Force 1 all these years.
At Nike, our quest to make products better never ends. With this in mind, the 25th year celebration of the AF1 was inspired by a single goal: to honor the brand's innovative past by taking into account the current needs of the athlete and improving and innovating on the product based on this insight.
Just as craftsmanship breeds authenticity, love leads to respect. A respect for the communities that have uplifted the Air Force 1.
Nike is honored to share this moment with you. Just as you have shown your love and understanding for this shoe, we would like you to continue the journey with us and experience the Air Force 1 like no other.
We ask you to join us in celebration and hope you enjoy this experience. One love."


Finally, back in Jakarta after a pretty extended tour of the US and Japan over the past three and a half weeks. Regular blog posts will be back on again, along with a few shots from the trip...

Friday, January 05, 2007


Crashing operating systems and traveling have held back any posting recently, but we'll be back soon...

Happy New Year.