Thursday, September 28, 2006


Not much longer until the new 707ANNEX opens in CITOS (Cilandak Town Square) and we're busy planning something special for the opening...

As usual, we're keeping things pretty undercover, but will be giving the lowdown to those on our mailing list FIRST. So, if you want to know the time, date and details before everyone else, better make sure you're on it... Sign up for insider info on the right ==>


NIKE has just updated it's NIKE STORE website with a new look, and in their own words; "dynamic filtering navigation, intuitive interfaces, enhanced zoom and faster, smoother checkout". Right. Now only if it had Indo credit card acceptance as a feature we'd be all set.

Also, more interestingly, there will be a 'member's only' section for limited edition items and early releases. This starts in October, but you can sign up at the site now.


The 707 blog is now running on the new updated BLOGGER. Although almost the same, it means better access to archived posts, a couple of visual changes, and category labels. Hardly worth writing a post about... Oh yeah, and also we have an RSS feed now too...

Also, sorry to everyone who has posted comments in the past and not seen them on the site. It seems that there was some sort of problem with the comment system on our blog, so no posts were getting passed on to us (we assumed it was just because we had no friends). Hopefully it will now work with the updated site.

Monday, September 25, 2006


DJ and ex-United Future Organization member TOSHIO MATSUURA dropped by Jakarta a few weeks ago to spin at Manna House before it closed for renovation. Manna, unsurprisingly, was jam-packed as Toshio span an amazing mix ranging from downtempo latin grooves to crazy beats that had the crowd going wild. A great way to end the current incarnation of Manna - we're looking forward to seeing the new interior at the reopening party...

This was taken the next day, relaxing and recovering in Kemang... left to right; Winfred (Aksara/707), Jason (Plakat Paradisj), Michael (Manna), Toshio, and DJ Alan.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Sort of like going to a psychiatrist but without the huge bill, questions about our mothers, and RORSCHACH tests...

Thanks to FOOTURAMA for giving us a chance to reveal a few things. And keep even more hidden.

For the full interview click here.

0800 BANKSY.

a Banksy work in East London

BANKSY's work is a common sight whilst walking around London, never failing to provide a smirk when spotting a new one. We caught this one while walking around in the East End recently and thought now would be a good time to post it after all the hype surrounding his recent solo exhibition.

the infamous camouflaged elephant highlights avoidance of discussing pressing global issues

BANKSY's been doing his 'guerilla' art for years, but in the past twelve months he's rapidly been gaining credibility in (or gatecrashing depending on the viewpoint) the contemporary art scene culminating in the recent, hugely successful, 'Barely Legal' solo exhibition in L.A. For those that don't know his work, his website or WALL AND PEACE book are good places to start. They cover both the earlier and more recent works, and give a feel for the dry humour (which we find typically British), illustrative style, recurring themes, and social commentary that punctuates his works and differentiate him from his many imitators. If you don't know him yet, you will.

a reworking of a classic Monet theme

{with respect to J.N.}


ladies love Michael707

a 'Falling Down' moment from Alex

the 707 crew

Mutia, Rahma707 and module

From the HUSTLE event on wednesday. Having it in a house definitely gave it a completely different vibe. Felt a bit like any moment someone's parents were going to come home and shut it down...

Big thanks to Mutia, Michael707 and co. for running the show, Rahma for rocking the mic, and DJ's Alan, Anton and Hogi for reminding us why classic house rules... Thanks also to L'Oreal for sponsoring the event - but less stingy with the free booze next time guys...

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Finally got the time to post some photos of the CAR AND GUIDE vintage car show last month. 707 was happy to help arrange the event, and also drop by with a classic Ferrari 308GTS (thanks J!) and a few models... The only thing missing was the bushy mustache.

the 707-mobile and Magnum un-lookalike
There were over 40 cars in competition, and in the end we were robbed of any prizes (they obviously didn't appreciate our ironic 80's Magnum P.I. cool) by Reza's stunning Shelby Mustang by UNIQUE PERFORMANCE, and the Kick-Ass Choppers lowriding pickup.

We want to keep new events like this happening in Jakarta, thanks to everyone who showed up instead of spending another day at the mall... We'll definitely be doing this again.


Ah, fame at last. SPIN magazine just quoted the 707 blog in their online edition. Nice to know that we have readers everywhere... Actually nice to know we even have a reader. (see the original post here)


Shots of the final box designs are out, so the next-gen machines will be here soon. Looks like Nintendo's been stealing some design ideas from Apple... but as they say, if you're going to steal ideas, steal from the best.



Just when we thought his designs had 'jumped the shark'. The combo of box, shoe and toy, all with wood effect shows his imagination is still running wild... Shows what a fine line there is between good design and, well, clogs.



Special edition Nike Air Force 1 for CELUX in Tokyo. Celux is the unique members-only store from LOUIS VUITTON (in the penthouse and floor below of their Omotesando building) with a slick interior and interesting selection of brands (not just LV) from around the world, including some urban styles... Well worth checking out if you know a member.

As you can see the store design is better than the shoe.

Friday, September 22, 2006


After the whole ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA fiasco (see earlier post) where they were banned from using the name SUPERNOVA for their new band, we've been waiting to hear what replacement Tommy and co. would come up with.

The final name?


Brilliant. Inspired. Tommy Lee, you are obviously a genius ahead of your time. And we thought we didn't like Motley Crue because they were crap. Now we know it's because they're on another intellectual level beyond our understanding. It's amazing. The season is over and we're still getting amusement from the show. That's value for money.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Kate Moss's first film role, not counting the White Stripes music video, or the undercover police footage of her doing lines of coke (technically also a 'white stripes' video) is a series of 4 ads for famed lingerie boutique AGENT PROVOCATEUR. Directed by Oscar-nominated director Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas) it's well worth downloading. For the direction we mean.

Downloadable at the AGENT PROVOCATEUR site.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


We admit it. We've been addicted to the complete awfulness of this series, with Lukas Rossi winning the booby prize of having to be stuck in a band of ageing rockers as they tour the Midwest...

Just wanted to mention the hilarious final twist... On Tuesday, after a whole season of promotion, a court judge ruled that the band can't use the name 'Supernova'. Because there's already a band called Supernova. Nice research guys....

That's why on the final show, Brooke Burke didn't call the band by name once. The band is yet to decide on another name. Guess this is what happens when you give Tommy Lee an executive producer role...


Surprise! Or not. Like this wasn't as easy to predict as Michael Jordan's return to the game... 3 years after the Black Album, 'H to the izzO, V to the izzA' will be back with a new album supposedly called 'Kingdom Come' in November. Production by the usual suspects, Timbaland (is anyone not using him these days?), Kanye, Pharrell, and Chris Martin (?) of Coldplay. Video for the first single by, yet another huge surprise, Hype Williams.


Fiat 500
TOP GEAR just published a list of it's 100 Sexiest Cars Ever with the Fiat 500 (?!) hitting number one. Number 2 is one of our dream cars, the Aston-Martin DB5 (see earlier Veyron blog entry), with the rest of the top 5 being the Maserati Quattroporte, Chevy Camaro, and the current Citroen C6. Not exactly the same top 5 we would have chosen... Maybe we'll post ours at a later date.
Aston DB5
Right now we're still arguing over whether the secret Audi R8 (seen in spyshots) looks good or not. Supposedly pretty similar under-the-skin to the Audi-built Lamborghini Gallardo, it should at least drive well...

Friday, September 15, 2006


Look here's a dance
So old it's new
'Cause trash disco is seventies cool
Like country line dance, to some it's fine
Sadly though, you gotta lose your mind...

Respect to FUTURE 10 for coming up with one of the best ideas for a party and venue this year... Forget all the parties at the usual clubs and bars - this exclusive, invitation only event is being held for the first time at a private manor house with a crazy retro-vintage interior.

Featuring DJ's Anton, Hogi and Alan spinning the best classic disco and house, special cocktails provided by L'Oreal, hot models wearing 707 and guests in 70's chic - you know there will be some good stories going around the next day...

The problem now is how are you going to be one of the lucky ones invited to this exclusive event?... Well we've decided to give a few valuable invites to our loyal blog readers (don't say we never think of you)... Just come to 707 and tell us you're "ready to hustle"... Invites are VERY limited, so better be quick.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Congrats to FATSARAZZI on getting his new site up and running. Finally. If you've been wondering where a lot of the best event photos come from, it's this legend behind the lens. Might even see one of us hiding in the recent updates...


We guess that what they say about technology getting smaller is true - first smaller cellphones, smaller computers, now smaller retro-gaming. Classic Atari 2600 games built into keyring controllers.
Perfect for babies or midgets and available at a mini-mart near you...


2am the other night. Now available for viewing in Citos. Many thanks to Darbotz...


Cover Flow. It's like butter.
APPLE made a ton of new announcements yesterday (new coloured Nanos, new shuffle, revised iPod video) but we had to give a big yawn to most of it... Best thing in our opinion is the pointless-but-cool COVER FLOW feature in the newly released iTunes 7. Lets you browse your collection by album cover, flipping them past like an old jukebox. Interesting how the interface had almost become too slick and soulless, to the point that they're now emulating antiquated technology to give it character.

More info at APPLE.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Kidrobot's Paint Ball was the place to be in NYC on the 7th. A ton of customized DUNNY's and FATCAPS on display by artists/celebs such as Filth, Mad Barbarians, Keanan Duffty, Lupe Fiasco, Heatherette, Jenna Jameson, UNKL brand, Zoo York, Cycle, Lady Pink, Flying Fortress and more...

All the Dunny's and Fatcaps displayed are being auctioned off for a SAVE THE CHILDREN initiative which includes contributions to children in Indonesia.

Personal faves are the Yuko Shimuzu Dunny (currently at $237.50) and the SKET Fatcap (currently at $375).

More details at KIDROBOT.